The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Thursday, 19 July 2012

End of an Exhibition

I have written little on this blog about my work at Hat Works as Guest Curator, due to a variety of reasons. This began when on my MA helping out answering research questions and being an extra pair of hands, then led to a project for my final course work to curate an exhibition on Trimmings for millinery. It was a fantastic experience so as it all comes to be taken down before the next one is put up it was a good time to reflect on what I had managed, with that fear that i wouldn't be able to do as good a job next time.

Items from the Ribbon Case - hat from Hat Works archive

Ribbon trims from Marie Kay

A selection of ribboned hats from the Hat Works museum

Stunning wood pieces from Emma Yeo in the New Materials case

Rebecca Thomas, William Chambers and Marisa Groom, one of my favourite cases

Fabric Trims a selection from the museum and Claire Spooner - Quaintrelle Millineryturban piece

Mitzi Lorenz - Cloche

Mitzi Lorenz - Orange melusine felt

Vintage feathers - Hat Works collection

Flower case

Graham Smith Feathered bomb hat

Audio coverage panel

My exhibition opening - very proud -

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