The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Exhibition Begins

' I hold in general a belief that courage is the shortest route to the good life. As a matter of fact I believe courage is synonymous with the good life. I see fears as normal and rational in my life, but fear does sometimes try to hold me back and try to stop me from actions that make life rich and rewarding. To live a fully engaged life I feel I need to exercise some measure of courage. Courage to me is a willingness to try.' Waltraud Reiner, Australian milliner and inspirational tutor.

These words echo exactly how I felt when I drove to Hat Works ready to begin the next installation. Knowing that 'sticking one's courage to the sticking spot' (Macbeth) is so important to help us grow and learn, and as I have been rereading the Twyla Tharp book again, 'What was the worse thing that could happen' my family would still love me.

empty cases at Hat Works, Stockport.

Deciding where we need to put the cases
Quite a strange feeling to have the technician ask me where I wanted the cases to be? I realise that I am not quite there with the confidence of curator just yet as I didn't have a vision for it all. Or was it that my occasional feeling that winging it does sometimes work and gives new ideas take over. Cases were moved, lights installed and stripes painted. Our only real dilemma was that three of the milliners hadn't sent their hats..........As I reflect on this now after a very successful opening it seems quite funny because it did work out and you realise that there is usually a solution somehow, even if it had been to borrow a certain hat from Leeds Museum Archive.

Phew we have some of the hats - William Chambers - Latex Flower Head Piece

Our stunning colours - courtesy of Graphic Designer Aggie Bainbridge

Hats delivery from Rachel Trevor-Morgan

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